how should the debates on urban aesthetics be updated? how should the actual processes of aesthetization and spectacularization of culture, art and body be questioned? in which way nowadays can architecture, urbanism, art and dance create dialogues? how do bodies, art, environment and contemporary cities relate to each other? how can artistic experiences of urban space affect the questions of contemporary art?

<<corpocidade>> sets up a debate on urban aesthetics, between the fields of art and urbanism, articulating cultural politics with urban territories. this event wishes to inquire the modes on which the notions of body, art, environment and city are produced by the practices and discourses of various fields of knowledge, particularly in visual arts, dance, architecture and urbanism.

the diversity of  articulations between body and city as a strategy that enables re-engagement of participatory conditions in the construction of public life will be investigated. It is intended to create platforms where ideas can be brought together within collective experiments of theoretical and artistic hypothesis.